Malak Abed AlThagafi

Chairperson of Genomics Research Department- Saudi Human Genome Lab site, KACST-KFMC ; Medical Director Saudi Diagnostic Lab, KFSHI

Dr. Malak is an American board certified physician-scientist in Clinical Pathology, Anatomical Pathology, Neuropathology and Molecular Genetics Pathology. She studied and worked at Georgetown, University of California San Francisco, Stanford, Johns Hopkins and Harvard. She’s a national and international awards winner in her field and published over 100 papers in peer review journals and conferences. Currently, she’s the Medical director of molecular diagnostics lab at KFSHRC international, Assistant research professor at KACST, Chair of genomics research department at KFMC, part-time faculty at Harvard medical school and founder of I-Gen(Genomic Startup Company incubated at Badir).