Shahd Attar

Principal Director, Accenture

Shahd Attar is leading Accenture Digital Studio in Saudi Arabia, using a design-thinking approach to help clients develop and deliver digital innovations through smart, connected, products and services.

She started her career in technology and communications working for Cisco for 10 years and then for Saudi Telecom Company, where she built and led the Government Relations department in STC. She was responsible for developing, managing and delivering on strategic agreements aligned with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision.

Shahd is passionate about encouraging women in technology and is strong advocate and public speaker about the advancement of women in the workforce. She was the regional Co-lead for Connected Women in Cisco. She was also the first woman to join STC in Saudi Arabia in 2016.

As a local community organizer, she co-founded “CellA+”, a non-profit organization endorsed by the Minister of Labor as an initiative for solving women unemployment in the region. She is also an Eisenhower Fellow, where her fellowship focused on women economic enablement in Saudi Arabia.