Key Themes

AI and the Future of Work»

The impact of AI and automation technology on jobs, skills, and wages is far-reaching and increasingly disruptive. Robotics, natural language processing, neural networks, and deep learning are among the forces to be reckoned with; changing industries, commerce and consumers in unexpected ways. While emerging technologies might displace some jobs, they also promise to create new lines of work and opportunities, many not yet imagined. We will examine AI-related technologies, use-case scenarios and see how thought leaders, researchers, and application experts address the potential of AI to polarize or propel society forward.

The Future of Digital Health»

The future of digitalized healthcare can mean many things. But the unifying theme is likely to be about improving health through the transformational use of data and technology.
From genomics to targeted therapeutic intervention for disease management, advances in healthcare are increasingly dependent on leveraging patient data and smart analysis. These technology developments open up a future of tailor-made treatment, early detection, prevention and more.  We will examine the concept of ‘engineering better health’ as the augmentation of physical and mental capabilities, and review emerging research-to-market technology applications toward extending longevity and the promise of personalized medicine.

A Climate Changed»

As the evidence of climate change rises, the challenge to develop a sustainable source of energy to power a growing global population becomes imperative.We will examine how science, technology, and engineering disciplines are working together to achieve a sustainable future; which technological innovations are showing the most promise, and how is technology leading us to new climate change solutions?